LifeScience Services
HT's proprietary discovery methods prove highly effective for obtaining consumer/patient views and support for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Our solutions also provide deep insight into understanding physician prescribing patterns that drive distribution of predictive, diagnostic or therapeutic solutions.
Patient Insight Reports

Patient level insight reports assess the distinctions in outcome as perceived by the patient when using a specific drug/device. Our work is utilized to improve understanding of patients emotional, physical and psychological adjustments to various drug, devices and diagnostic tests. Such knowledge may be used to validate the current techniques, process, follow up, and devices, or provide the opportunity for further innovations in any/all of these areas for improved performance and patient satisfaction.

Our tools provide patient-driven data that can be used to enhance patient advocacy programs, to strengthen brand awareness campaigns, and to protect subsets of patients benefiting from a specific drug, device or test. These tools are also used to understand patient resistance to predictive, diagnostic or therapeutic interventions and to identify resistance or support factors in prescriber patterns.

Findings from the wide range of participants in this interview mix will provide pertinent data to understand patient needs from a more comprehensive perspective and stimulate physician support.
Physician Insight Reports

Our work is used to understand physician referral and prescribing patterns and identify opportunities where further education is needed. Our data gathering process may extend, in subsequent phases, into broader audiences to include a cross mix of physician populations for the purpose of determining their level of knowledge and awareness of specific interventions. An ancillary benefit of this subsequent phase includes the opportunity for the interviewer to discuss the results of the patient satisfaction study conducted in phase one, if such should prove appropriate; the ‘direct from patient’ voice gained from phase one will be used to encourage changes in referral patterns.
Investigator Insight Reports

Small biotech companies often have real innovative compounds in development, which would create much more excitement with the investigator and may lead to better investigator performance. Yet, the biotech sponsor may not be well known yet to the investigator. Building and maintaining relationships with investigators and seeking out their input and opinions is vital to engagement and the physician level insight reporting adds significant value to this process.

The nature of the interviews allows HT to both share and gather information. We gather input that highlights both resistance and support of new developments and create action plans to overcome obstacles which may hinder investigator involvement.