Investor Services
Whether now or in the future; information, events, perceptions and leadership actions all have the potential to impact goals and objectives. As an independent third party, HT provides it's clients with data and information that puts them in control of the critical paths to success.
Unravel the Critical Value Points
HT's unique discovery process reveals pertinent insights from key influencers that offer a roadmap for support, from the bidding process through restructuring
  • Input from critical relationships at time-critical junctures to leverage your goals
  • Engagement of key constituents through on-site, one-on-one interactions geared to problem solving and buy-in
  • Removal of political risks associated with candor through independent, confidential reviews
  • Customized on-line tools to give DAILY updates that reflect the mindset of those you seek to engage
  • Tools to build the basis for Action Plans to meet your key objectives WHILE preserving your key relationships
Gain Competitive Advantage Through Critical Input
  • Data collected during the Physician and Community Due Diligence can help determine if the target acquisition fits your portfolio
  • Data obtained through our in-depth interview process can add leverage to your negotiation approach. Daily updates of physician & community input on our customer portal keep you ahead of the pack
  • Engagement of physicians can be the market differentiator in the award process
What You Can't See Matters

In any business transition, delays and barriers caused by unanticipated factors will most certainly drive up cost and jeopardize success. HT can help you avoid potential hidden costs by identifying early in the process when:

  • The organization is unprepared for the speed or scope of change needed to meet performance goals
  • There is resistance to the efforts required to drive profitability

The techniques employed by HT can also improve your cost position by:

  • Identifying hidden revenue opportunities
  • Limiting the cost of ‘predictable surprises’
  • Turning resistance into support by identifying the root cause and the actions needed to overcome it
Differentiate Yourself in the Marketplace

HT believes that powerful leverage is achieved when decisions are made using information that competitors do not have. Our unique discovery process unravels information in ways that cannot be achieved using traditional methods.

Competitive advantage comes from digging deeper - from uncovering hidden opportunities that are
revealed only when critical voices are confident that they are being heard.
Bringing Parties Together Through Common Goals

When negotiating mergers and acquisitions, building on common goals is critical. HT's unique one-on-one interview process provides
bi-directional benefits that can be used to:

  • Deliver key messages from the acquiring organization and gauge reactions
  • Encourage buy-in and engagement through interactive exploration and response to resistance
  • Gain cultural knowledge that would enhance the bidding process
  • Set the stage for ease of entry of new ownership
The Speed of Knowledge During Negotiations

HT recognizes that the speed at which information is made available to investors is a critical factor when negotiating and preparing for any business transition. To ensure our clients have the most important information when they need it, HT provides a constant flow of feedback to it's clients using verbal, written and electronic methods. Some of these tools include:

  • Gathering and delivering information directly through live, confidential interviews
  • Providing clients with daily updates of pertinent facts through our secure client web portal, while preserving the confidentiality of interviewees
  • Providing executive summaries of key information along pre-determined timelines
  • Delivering formal, detail documented results of engagement findings and recommendations
Physician Studies

Physician perception studies are used to determine the risk of attrition of valuable medical staff and are very effective when attempting to stabilize “hard to replace” resources. The Report of Findings resulting from the study provides multiple key indicators vital to medical staff retention and enhanced recruiting efforts.

Data gleaned is key to the development of market expansion opportunities, evaluation of service lines and engagement of physicians in hospital growth efforts.

Findings often reveal opportunities for re-engagement of physicians whose referral patterns have changed, or whose support of the hospital has declined.