Community Services
Every community’s growth and prosperity is dependent upon the success of its industrial base. A key cornerstone vital to sustaining and growing that industrial base is the availability of quality physicians and healthcare options in the local market. HT created the Community Integration Plan, focused on building an adaptive culture that would attract and retain top talent.
The HT Plan Works in Four Directions:
Healthcare As a Key Element of Economic Growth and Survival

Healthcare is a key topic of interest to any city absorbed in an evolutionary struggle to stay in the game. As a cornerstone of a city’s growth opportunity, healthcare must be a primary focus of economic development plans and community development. A primary tenet of community building rests in the development of relationships, trust, reciprocity and common ground, and the ability to cultivate this among groups with a common goal. HT uses proven methods to connect physicians, business leaders, officials and the local and surrounding population with a common mission to drive the growth and expansion of a premier healthcare environment.

Metro areas with high concentrations of lifescience and healthcare workers have a myriad of interactive opportunities within the professional and academic communities. These multi-stranded networks span university rich programs which draw professionals on a regular basis, and “think tanks” that encourage top talent to share experience and information through a regular yet informal exchange. All provide a catalyst for developing deep and rich social capital that supports the intellectual, professional, and relationship needs inherent in the new economy workforce. Smaller markets lack these concentrated opportunities for enrichment and must cultivate similar or alternate offerings to meet the needs of its medical talent base. HT works with smaller communities to develop a cadre of offerings that build needed resources vital to drawing top medical talent.

HT helps communities shape a platform for economic diversification, with a focus in the healthcare industry, and the acquisition and development of key talent to support growth. HT has launched a physician-only forum (Physicians in Transition), designed to create a platform for interaction among area thought leaders. This forum brings topics of immediate interest in the transitioning landscape of healthcare to the forefront. As a network of physicians that share information and input on the larger front, participants include physicians in non-urban, metro, and top tier markets.