Client References
“Tamarin and her team provided support, at a critical juncture in the firm’s growth. Tamarin was able to provide cohesive support and strategy for all facets of our practice. She proved to be a gifted leader, as she helped us in fine-tuning our decision-making skills and our vision for the firm, as well as then articulating that clarified vision to our team. Tamarin also helped greatly in assessing our financial position, and offering meaningful analysis and strategy for increasing our stability. She has a keen sense for the bottom line and was committed to enhancing our profitability and growth.” 
William Hannum, Managing Partner
Schwartz Hannum PC, Boston Law Firm
“…keeps physicians’ confidences, as promised, and works to support the hospital to ensure its success. I have personally watched her have a positive effect on physicians who were very vocal in their resistance.”
Dr. Bill Blackburn
“There is the potential for some really big change when you get people to talk openly.”
Physician Response During Interview
“As a board member, if we had been presented with three comparable suitors, this process would have caused us to choose RegionalCare.”
Board Member
MidWest Hospital
“This process really represents us collectively.”
Physician Staff Member
MidSouth Hospital
“…uniquely able to harmonize the business world with our scientific based industry-which is key to building our companies and their futures. Through harmonization, we were educated in new ways which were insightful and creative; Tamarin brings innovative thought to the way we view our industry.”
Lisa K. Mazurka,
President, Clinical Research Consulting, Inc. Founder, ACRP, Boston Chapter
Comments Regarding Our Interview Process:
“….will recommend this interview/survey to others because it is rare that a hospital asks for advice on how to make things better. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. “

Interview respondents, 2010
"The Chamber recognizes the immense value of this work. Under Tamarin Lindenberg’s leadership we are now working collaboratively. Because of its vital nature and potential impact on the local economy, we are encouraging our members and other leaders across the community to do likewise.”
Marc Jordon,
President & CEO, Memphis Regional Chamber
"They get it. They are more focused on understanding the jobs we are having problems filling. They take a different approach, so they’re actually asking the question 'Tell us your four or five hot issues? What do those look like?'"
Jerry Ballard
Vice President of Human Resource Operations, ServiceMaster
“There are some physicians that would not be candid for fear of retribution if there was a member of the hospital board sitting in or conducting the interview. A third party is a great benefit. Also, the fact that the data will be scrubbed as well as it is also coming at the right time. “
Interview respondents, 2010
“As a result of the HT interview process, the overall sentiment of the medical staff is clearly that they believe Regional Care wants to hear what they have to say and is committed to “fixing” the problems at CMH and making CMH a better place for physicians to practice and patients to receive care.  My opinion is that we are in a "good place" with the medical staff as we move forward and grow CMH into the best community hospital!
Regional Care really had great foresight with this process and seems to have "wowed" our medical staff!”

Stephanie Brooks
Director, Physician Relations & Business Development
Clinton Memorial Hospital