About Us
Insight gained through HT’s intellectual discovery process provides competitive benefits to healthcare organizations in transition and to those seeking the insights of consumers and patients.
HT’s approach to due diligence through intellectual discovery has proven itself to be a critical success factor to healthcare businesses. As businesses undergo various forms of organizational trauma, transition and recovery, including mergers, acquisitions and other transitional situations, HT's services have proven to be a competitive differentiator.

Through HT's unique process, we help our clients create a position of strong leverage and leadership during both pre- and post-transition activities. Our clients gain perspective that would not otherwise be revealed during traditional financial and operational due diligence, enhancing their decision making power by:
  • Determining the stability and engagement of key influencers
  • Promoting new ownership as key allies and contributors to physicians, clinical staff and the local community
  • Stabilizing critical relationships during the restructuring phase that often accompanies an acquisition
  • Revealing hidden obstacles and opportunities
  • Providing key insights that save time and money while increasing efficiency in integrations
  • Streamlining and improving efficiency of acquisition teams
  • Providing a roadmap for future expansion
  • Adding value and leverage during the bidding process by providing investors and management with pertinent insight from physicians, patients and communities
  • Providing investors, in whole or in part, with an objective analysis of hospital and community investment targets.

In addition to enhancing transitional due diligence activities, HT also provides intellectual discovery services for Physicians and LifeScience entities. Our position as a confidential, independent third party, combined with our ability to discreetly 'peel away the layers', allows HT to obtain and analyze valuable patient insight in support of our client's initiatives. Our analysis of disparate populations, treatment methods, and patient reported outcomes creates significant value for application in clinical trials and other patient-interaction initiatives.
Founded and led by CEO Tamarin Lindenberg, the Healthcare-in-Transition team brings:
  • Deep experience with business turnarounds
  • A strong sense of the bottom line
  • A track record for engaging people
  • A deep orientation to the customer
  • A solid patient advocacy program to address quality in a specific disease indication

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