Engagement Reporting
During the interview process, findings are assessed, documented and analyzed. Upon completion, the resulting impacts are communicated to the client via a variety of methods including formal reports, customer specific web portals, etc. Examples of formal reporting might include:

  • Report of Detailed Findings: This report is presented to the contracting organization at engagement completion, and categorizes the data obtained during the interview process according to predefined/agreed upon criteria. While maintaining participant confidentiality, this report will include direct supporting quotes and provides a variety of metrics representing key areas.
  • High Impact Action Report: Prioritizes the key areas of opportunity for further development (as presented by the participants).

Other Report Types
  • Investor Consolidated Impact Report: Provides in-depth awareness of potential investment risks
  • Patient Reported Outcomes Report: Provides patient perspectives and insights on treatment methods, satisfaction, and quality of life impact
  • Physician Impact Report: Serves as retention, recruitment and referral strategy; engages support in bid selection and post acquisition actions; builds engagement
  • Community Impact Report: Builds image and allegiance to new ownership; introduces quality improvements and new service lines; increased patient volume
  • Clinical Staff Impact Report: Assesses union vulnerability; determines engagement levels; builds buy-in to post acquisition changes; builds motivation