The Interview
The cornerstone of HT's Intellectual Discovery Process

Driving much deeper than a sterile survey, HT spends dedicated, one-on-one time with each interview candidate. Forming a personal bond, we listen to and capture exactly what the participant has to say. Among the many interview objectives are:

Building Relationships and Trust
  • The interviewer creates an environment that encourages the patient/participant to express ideas, obstacles, thoughts and concerns that may not otherwise be directly discussed with the physician or leadership.
  • By underwriting this time-intensive process, the contracting organization conveys their interest in the ongoing needs and desires of its patients or constituents.
  • It establishes the contracting organization as a leading advocate for the specific patient population under review

Active Listening
  • Skilled interviewers assist participants in deciding how to best offer their ideas and concerns. This creates an opportunity for further innovation in product, techniques and marketing strategies based on the needs identified by the participant, encouraging more productive patient/physician/leadership communication.

Engaging Future Dialogue
  • Data collected during this process highlights physical, relational and emotional areas of concern which may be subject to further review, and provides a barometer for estimating levels of satisfaction among the patient/participant base.